Hearing loops: bigger isn’t always better

Note: This article originally appeared in ‘Installation’ Issue 208, February 2018.

How to get it right when choosing and installing large area hearing loops

Large area hearing loops can transform the lives of more than 51 million people with hearing loss in Europe, making education, worship, business, travel and entertainment more accessible. They allow people to hear the sound that really matters to them rather than amplifying all the noise in the room.

However, getting large area hearing loops right is about much more than meeting the design specifications of a builder or architect.

There is a common misconception that the only requirement for a large room is an equally large hearing loop. However, this simplistic approach can mean that when a user switches their hearing aid to the T position they get annoying interference or no signal at all.

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V7 & V12a Hearing Loop Drivers are Launched

We are thrilled to launch the first two hearing loop drivers in our new V Series range on Monday 2nd October 2017. These powerful drivers give you unparalleled performance for an affordable price and are created to be even easier to install and use than their predecessors.

Manufactured in the UK, our new drivers are designed to produce supreme sound quality, with Automatic Gain Control and superior phasing performance. The constant current drivers employ Class D technology and Digital Signal Processing together, making the drivers extremely efficient. Unlike many conventional drivers, these do not require fan cooling and have compact heat-sinks, resulting in quieter, lighter, and easier to maintain products.

Simplicity is key for us at Contacta. Our drivers are created with the installer and the user in mind, so every decision made in the design process ensures that the product works soundly for everyone. The new user interface, featuring a simple dial, makes adjusting the loop parameters effortless, while Euroblock connectors enable swift and straight-forward installation. The V12a is our first dual output driver to be introduced into the product range, simplifying purchasing and installing phased hearing loop solutions.

Our V-Series will include several new drivers with a large array of voltage capabilities, and both single and dual output drivers. The ultra-efficient driver range provides you the variety you need to create a loop for any room. The first to launch are the V7 and V12a models. The V7 is a compact 7.5 volt, 5 amp driver, while the V12a features 5 amps, 12 volts and a dual output for phased array loop configurations. These compact and attractive drivers transform the listening experience for hearing aid wearers at any small to medium-sized venue, offering superior quality sound reproduction across both speech and music.

Key features of the V7 and V12a drivers:

  • Use the latest DSP and Class-D technology
  • Contain intelligent self-diagnostics
  • True constant current drivers
  • Compact and powerful
  • Modern and space-saving design
  • Flexible and suitable for a wide range of situations
  • Low heat emissions
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to install
  • Rack mountable or freestanding
  • Fully and independently certified to be CE, FCC and ICES compliant

Get in touch for more details or to find out who your local international dealer is, 01732 223900 or email sales@contacta.co.uk.


MyHailo: the Easy and Dignified Way to Refuel

Contacta is excited to announce that our refuelling assistance product, Pinpoint, will change its name to MyHailo on 1st June 2017. The brand new website will also launch on 1st June, including a news service to allow users to receive updates on new service locations.

MyHailo enables users to subtly and easily hail for help from petrol station staff when at the pump. Contacta has received truly fantastic feedback about the product from users showing that it is really life changing for some. “I have been blown away by the system, I would recommend it wholeheartedly – now I have it, I wouldn’t want to be without it”, said one of our customers.

MyHailo, the easy and dignified way to refuel

The main advantage of MyHailo is its simplicity. There’s nothing users have to do before arriving at the petrol station. All you need to do is pull up to the pump, and press the button on your MyHailo fob to alert filling station staff that you need assistance. This will prompt the beacon to flash red. The red flashing indicates that your key fob is working and that an alert has been made to let staff know you are waiting. When your hail has been acknowledged by a staff member the beacon will turn green. Someone will shortly be on their way to help you refuel, without the need for you to leave your vehicle.

There will be considerable investment in the product over the next few months to grow the system’s availability further across their Zone of petrol stations in the UK.

The Pinpoint signage and labels will be replaced at all locations over the next 12 months. Existing key fobs will still work with all systems and we will be providing new MyHailo window stickers for all registered Pinpoint key fob holders. Call 01732 22300 or email enquiries@myhailo.co.uk to claim your new MyHailo sticker.

Contacta will be launching MyHailo at the Mobility Roadshow 1st – 3rd June 2017 so be sure to visit our stand, J7, and get your discounted key fob.